Child Support Modification


When a child support agreement is made at the time of the divorce, there is the assumption that the child support agreement will likely need to be modified in the future as the child grows and situations change. The varying circumstances of the child, especially when they begin to pursue a post-secondary education, will typically require that child support agreement will need to be modified.

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What Circumstances Give Cause for Child Support Modification?

There are several factors that can require a need for child support modification, including but not limited to:

  • The changing age of the child
  • Changes in residential schedule
  • Changes in the income of one or both parties
  • The child desires to receive post-secondary education

Each of these differing circumstances can create unique and sometimes complicated legal situations for the parents of the child(ren). When working through child support modification issues, it is highly beneficial to have the counsel of a qualified, experienced divorce attorney. They can help you to understand the legal responsibilities, reasonability of your requests, and how to reach an more Refinance auto loan with bad credit


Our Family Law attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals as they negotiate a child support modification agreement. Moreover, our attorneys have dealt with child support modification cases that were pursued for a myriad of reasons, including complicated issues such as income changes and out-of-state or foreign support orders.

Because obligation for child support can be confusing, it is often greatly to the benefit of a parent seeking a child support modification to work with a family law attorney. Our experience can help you to navigate the modification requests wisely.

Most Common Reason for Child Support Modification: Post-Secondary Education

For many divorced parents of children, the most common reason many seek a child support modification order is to help their child through college or university. Post-secondary education requires an extensive amount of funding, and the custodial parent may not have the funds to adequately assist their child to support them as they obtain their college degree.
Our family law attorneys have handled many cases of post-secondary education child support modifications and have the experience necessary to guide you through the process.